Employee News

 Exciting times are for sharing!

Has one of your co-workers recently been married?  Had a baby? Graduated college? Share the excitement! See Wayne Cain to provide information about good things that are going on with our employees and we will share it on our Employee News page!


Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Mason Beasley (son and daughter in law of Wayne Cain) on their marriage!! The wedding was held on October 18, 2020 at The Clay Theatre in Green Cove Springs. We wish you many years of happiness and all of the blessings of God!


Congratulations to Tracey Nolan!! She has just graduated (with honors, might I add!) from the International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch as a Certified Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher!!  We are so proud of you, Tracey!!!  Way to go!!!



 Congratulations to John Lopez and Ashley Cash on their promotions to Field Training Officers!  You are both an invaluable part of our family here and we are very proud of your hard work and dedication!!  We look forward to you passing on your excellence to a new generation of EMT's and Paramedics!!






Congratulations to Kaylie Barrington, RN, on her new position as a Flight Nurse with Trauma One!  Kaylie started here at Liberty as a Paramedic. She continued her education in nursing school and became an RN at Memorial Hospital, where she has worked for the past several years.  Her experience with higher acuity transports here at Liberty (including ventilator calls) is one of the main reasons she had an advantage over the other applicants at Trauma One and was ultimately chosen for this new role.

  We are proud of you, Kaylie!!