A Salute to Dedication

Our people - they are who make Liberty Ambulance Service special.  We would like to take a few moments to pay tribute to those who have given years of loyal service to our company and the people of the North Florida community. These caregivers have become an integral part of our family as they have taken care of yours...

Assaf, Robert - CEO (Retired)

Assaf, Jackie - Vice President (Retired)

Assaf, Michael - PMD, President/COO

Cribbs, Danny - PMD, Public Relations

Randolph, Clint - CCPMD (Retired)

Snyder, Roy - EMT (Retired)

Barefoot, Jimmy - Captain, CCPMD

Manning, Barbara - Human Resources (Retired)

Assaf, Darrell - Fleet Maintenance

Hall, Huelen - PMD (Retired)

Timmer, Jim -  Administrator 

Whetstone, Edwin - CCPMD



Assaf, Lisa - EMT

Hale, Wynne - Billing

Hicks, David - CCPMD

Medows, Georgette - Billing (Retired)

Miller, Jeff - EMT

Assaf, David - CCPMD, Captain

Barrington, Kaylie - CCPMD, RN

Carter, Christine - Dispatcher / HR

Gray, David - CCPMD

Mead, Ed - WCS Lieutenant (Retired)

Raymer, Julie - PMD, Dispatcher

Alexander, Robert - EMT

Assaf, Daniel - PMD

Baker, Danny - EMT

Cain, Wayne - Director of Training, Safety & Risk Management

Carr, Brenda - Billing Manager, CAC

Dawson, Ian - PMD

Elliott, Billy - PMD

Etheridge, Ronald - EMT

Hughes, Briton - PMD

Jones, Spencer - CCPMD, Lieutenant

Kegley, Brad - EMT, RN

McBride, Isaac - PMD

Melendez, Chris - CCPMD

Morris, Jerry - CCPMD, Lieutenant

Ritter, Jason

Sneden, Belinda - Billing

Stewart, Bernard - EMT

Tichinel, Jacob - PMD

Wilson, Jennie - Billing



Congratulations to Captain Jimmy Barefoot for achieving 27 years of service!! Liberty Management presented him with this autographed Fender guitar signed by:

  • Jeff Beck

  • Keith Richards

  • Eric Clapton

  • B B King

  • Sting

  • Carlos Santana

  • Jimmy Page

  • Eddie Van Halen

Way to go, Jimmy!  We appreciate you!!